Jabru Bev Co.

LJabru BevCo. is a new start-up craft beverage company based in Surrey, which is debuting with a collection of three alcoholic drinks; a pilsner, a cider and a ginger beer.

The founder is a master brewer from South Africa with over 20 years experience in the industry. He experiments with different uses of hops and malt, and plans to create a range of beverages including soft drinks, hop infused water and coffee.

When entering an already saturated market, I found it important to see existing products in-situ on the shelves and see how they all sat together visually. This enabled me to focus on which brand colours were more dominate, what style of label were most effective and also how the bottle felt in my hand, as a consumer.

Together with shop visits and research into competitor brands, I began to piece together a profile of a brand which I felt could compete in the market but also fulfil the clients brief. To elevate Jabru’s presence in the market, I opted for a bold typography direction using playful product names, enlarged on the bottles for maximum impact.

I created memorable product names, not only as a descriptor of the product, but to add a sense of humour to the brand. An important element that I feel should be present across all future products.

Branding / Logo design / Packaging

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